The Neelsie Student Centre

The Neelsie Student Centre

The Neelsie is your one-stop retail and student centre, offering some 5000m2 of
retail shops, a food court, a large format screen for entertainment, venus facilities and
services in the heart of the Stellenbosch Campus.

Promotional, activation & advertising opportunities

Between 10 000 and 20 000 feet move through the doors daily at peak times.

Neelsie operating hours

Please note that The Neelsie’s standard operating hours are from Monday to Friday from 08:00 until 21:00. Saturday and Sunday from 08:00 until 15:00. Closed on public holidays.

We want to hear your feedback

Are you enjoying the content on The Neelsie’s big screen? Do you have suggestions to make it better? Help us by filling out our online survey here. Click Here.

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Vacancy List

If you are a prospective tenant and have an interest in The Neelsie as a home for your brand or store, have a look at the shops and spaces that are vacant or may become vacant.

Floor Plan

Have a look at the floor plans of each of the four floors.

Big Screen

Boo! Media Solutions own the large format LED screen in The Neelsie. Select sporting events and other events of interest are displayed afterhours and over weekends and are scheduled in advance. Requests are therefore not possible, but preferences are always appreciated. It is a challenge to address unlimited preferences with only one screen!

Contact Us

Want to learn more about our vacancy opportunities? Need more information on our floor plan or other store spesifications? Get in touch today!

Sustainability and waste

“As part of the global move to reduce carbon emissions and keep climate temperature rise under 2 degrees Celsius, the University of Stellenbosch is committed to having a positive impact through outstanding sustainable performance and have developed an Environmental Sustainability Plan which details the aims and targets to address this huge challenge.  As part of this plan the University has acknowledged that improved material handling and efficient operational systems will also result in a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.  Supporting the Zero Waste to landfill and circular economy strategy the packaging Materials Standards and Specifications Document has been developed to guide the selection of items when in the process of procurement of goods.  It draws attention to problematic or banned packaging that is not recyclable or compostable materials and lists alternatives to be used.”

Allowing only materials on campus prescribed by the Materials Standards and Specifications document will allow the SU to dispose of materials in the correct waste streams for recycling and composting. This will result in no waste to critical full landfill sites and reduced impact on the environment.

The food outlets at the Neelsie provide sustainable food choices for all on campus, including vegetarian and vegan options. Please visit the individual stores for further information.

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